(LIYA 1 of 2) PRE-ORDER Twirly Skirt

Regular price $48.00
(LIYA 1 of 2) PRE-ORDER Twirly Skirt

Fabric: Black Sheep Element Dots

Style: Twirly Skirt with Grow waistband, inset pockets, sidestripe colorblock (coord chosen by designer)

Size: 5 (will confirm before cutting)

Your custom clothing order is made to order with fabrics chosen by you. I am an artist and seamstress and bring your ideas to life, often adding personal touches.

This is a pre-order custom and can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks to allow for printing and shipping of fabric to me. I am unable to accept refunds or returns. In the event you no longer want the item you can post for sale new or used in Poppy Stitches Custom Clothing Facebook Group. By making payments on this invoice you agree to all terms and conditions.

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