PREORDER Skellington Women's ADULT Raglan Hoodies

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PREORDER Skellington Women's ADULT Raglan Hoodies

Fabric: TNT Skellington Raglan Hoodies, Coordinates may vary

Style: Adult Women's Raglan Hoodie, you must fill out the measurement form, orders without measurements on file may be delayed.

Choose the closest Ready to Wear size, pm if you would like a more accurate size quote. Yardage will be ordered to accomadate sizing. 

This custom clothing order is made to order with fabric/style chosen by you. Each piece may vary depeging on coordinate fabric availablility. 

This is a pre-order custom and can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks to allow for overseas fabric printing and and processing, shipping to me. Once fabric is in my possession, your order will be added to my cut list and created as quickly as possible. This timeline is an estimate and can change at anytime. If you are uncomfortable with this timeline, please do not purchase. 

Due to the custom nature of this purchase, I am unable to accept refunds or returns. In the event you no longer want the item you can post for sale new or used in Poppy Stitches VIP Facebook Group. By making payments on this invoice you agree to all terms and conditions.